Content and Community Where the Sun Shines

Content Strategy Southern California is a meetup group for content strategists, designers, creators, and managers in and around Los Angeles, California. Serving content professionals from Santa Barbara to San Diego, Content Strategy Southern California operates as a platform to share the best and latest about web and mobile content.

To join this meetup group and get information about the next event, visit Content Strategy Southern California on

Working in collaboration with the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup Group, Content Strategy Southern California meets regularly to bring the content and design community information and insights about content

  • Audits
  • Creation
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Engineering
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Modeling
  • Planning
  • Structuring

Our community of content and design professionals comes together to discuss these topics and the emerging challenges we face. Our goal: Helping content and design professionals throughout southern California as we build and share better content for ourselves and the clients and companies we serve.

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